Drum Line, Colorguard, and Leadership Camp
August 21 - 25 with move-in on August 20.
Drum Line, Colorguard, Section Leaders, and Staff will be involved for the entire week.
Section Leaders training Monday and Tuesday
Rank Lieutenants training Wednesday and Thursday

Depending on which dorm you live in you might be able to move directly into your permanent assignment.  If your room is not ready you'll be given a temporary room for the week. We won't know the details until early August.

Tentative hours for this camp are 8am to 5pm.  Within these parameters the specific times are up to your section leaders and/or instructor.

Full BMB Camp
August 28 - September 1 with move-in on August 27.
Attendance is required for all BMB members. 

You will move into your permanent dorm assignment.  If you responded to your section leader's request for housing information then your early move-in has already been authorized.  You don't need to contact housing. 

Move in Day Schedule
8:00 - 11:00    Registration in Haas Lobby.  You don't have to arrive at 8am.  You may register anytime between 8 and 11 but the earlier you arrive the more time you'll have to move into your dorm.  If you live off-campus you might want to wait until about 9:30 when the first rush ends.  Pick up your equipment, get move-in information.  You must register at Haas BEFORE going to your dorm.   A pair of white marching shoes ($28) has been ordered for every incoming member.  If you already have white marching shoes you'll need to bring them to registration to have them approved.  Here is a list of supplies that you will probably need.
    Shoes (brass, woodwinds, and drum line)
    Gloves (brass, woodwinds)
    BMB Tee (minimum of one but two are recommended)
    Optional Merchandise (see below)
You and your parents will have a greater variety of BMB logo merchandise available than ever before.  None of these are required.  All of these items carry the BMB logo. 
    Fan Tees
    Knit hats
    Wind breakers
    Ball caps
    Card holders (cell phone)
    Travel bags
    Water bottles
    Window clings
4:00    International Trip Meeting.  This meeting is not required but this is a chance for your parents to attend and ask questions.
5:30    BMB Orientation in Gantner
6:45    First Rehearsal
9:00    Dismiss

Camp Meals
This year's move in date for non-band students is later than usual (Sept 2).  This means that while the university cafeterias are open during camp, your meal plan will not be active until Saturday.  BMB always provides a limited number of meals during camp.  We are in the process of working this out.  Our plan is to provide dinner for you on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Breakfast and lunch will be on your own each day.  To reduce individuals' cost of meals that aren't provided many sections arrange get togethers where everyone chips in a couple of bucks and they cook pasta etc.  Your section leader will give you details. 

Participation in BMB is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to a high school competition band or any sports organization.  Most of our operating budget comes from the University, the University Foundation (private donations), and from money we raise from merchandise.  There are, however a few costs that must be paid for by students.  All of these costs are bundled and paid for during camp so you won't be blindsided once the semester is underway.  Included in this bundle are things such as your hotel cost for the Chicago trip and meals provided during camp.  We are expecting this year's total cost to be $100.

Housing Fees
University housing charges for early move in but BMB will pay most of your early move in cost.  Regardless of which dorm you live in your will only pay $3 per day for camp week and BMB will pay the rest.  This $3 will be put on your housing/tuition bill.

Please start learning the field music. 
The URL was sent in an email to your university email account.

Opener Audio
80s Production Audio

These audio files do not contain drum line parts.

More Detailed Camp Schedule