2018 Blugold Marching Band

"Live While We're Young"

The 2018 show will feature three productions, all of which are medleys of mega stars. 

The Opener is powerful and has huge dynamic contrasts.  Like last year, there are several solos which will be open for audition.  It will also feature several pull-out dance groups from the horn line in "boy band" style.  If you think you are up to it, you are welcome to audition.  We will post audition links later in the summer.

The Production Number features the drum line and hip hop dance.  While there will be choreo in the horn line this will be a BMB Dancer and Color Guard feature.  Watch the videos. 

The Closer also has many solo opportunities and pull-out dance choreography.  

One Direction Opener  (Listen to BMB Arrangement)
    The Story of My Life
    Live While We're Young
   That's What Makes You Beautiful

Destiny's Child/Beyonce Production (Listen to BMB Arrangement)
   Lose My Breath
    Get Me Bodied

NSync/Justin Timberlake Closer (Listen to BMB Arrangement)
    Bye Bye Bye
    Sexy Back
    Can't Stop the Feelin'

New music (parts) are being edited now.  They will be posted during July.