International Performance Tour
Pricing & Travel Roster
Asia Pacific 2018

We are not asking for a deposit but it is absolutely essential that you confirm your intent.  Non-BMB members are welcome as guests but each guest must be affiliated in some way with a BMB member and that member will be the guest's sponsor.  The sponsor is responsible for relaying all relevant information to his/her guest(s).  A BMB member may sponsor more than one guest.

We have space for 220 travelers (BMB members and guests) on this trip.  We have 220 airline tickets reserved.  200 tickets are on a single airplane.  The remaining 20 are on a different airline.  If we have more than 200 travelers all BMB members will be grouped together on the same flight.  Guests (above 200) will be on the other flight.  Both flights arrive in Singapore at comparable times.


The base price is $3,150 per person. 
This rate is for students and includes quad occupancy on the ship and double occupancy in the hotels.

Complete Price Schedule
    $3,150    Student Quad     
    $3,325    Student Double 

    $3,350    Guest Quad
    $3,525    Guest Double

Upgraded rooms (ocean view or balcony) may be available but you will need to make these arrangements through our tour company.  Ask for details.

The Base Package Will Include:
* Roundtrip coach transportation from Eau Claire to Chicago O'Hare
* Roundtrip airfare from Chicago to Singapore
* Roundtrip airfare from Singapore to Denpasar, Bali
* Four Hotel nights in Singapore (double occupancy)
* Four Hotel nights in Kuta, Bali (double occupancy)
* Complete cruise package
    7 nights onboard the Mariner of the Seas (quad occupancy)
    All meals, entertainment, etc.
    Paid taxes
    Paid port charges
    Paid gratuities
* All ground transportation
    To and from airports, hotels, performance sites, cruise port etc.
* Excursion and tour in Kuala Lumpur

The BMB has a rich history of providing educational performance tours to its members.  Each one of the past tours has been highly successful and has provided opportunities to experience cultures that would have been unlikely in any other setting.  The BMB is proud of its committment to international education and looks forward to another exciting performance tour in 2018.

Past BMB International Tours
2015-2016    Barcelona, Cagliari, Palermo, Naples, Rome, Pisa/Florence, Mallorca
2013-2014    Tokyo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket
2011-2012    Rome, Olympia, Athens, Izmir, Haifa, Jerusalem
2009-2010    Venice, Paris, & London
2007-2008    Rome, Florence, & Athens
Past Performance Venues:
St. Peter's square in front of Pope John Paul II on New Year's Day
Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy
Parliament Building, Syntagma Square in Athens, Greece
Roman Colloseum in Rome, Italy
Base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France
Multiple shows onboard the Costa Serena cruiseship
Multiple shows onboard the Mariner of the Seas cruiseship
Tanjong Katong Secondary School in Singapore
Plaza de Catalunya, Barcelona Spain
Multiple shows onboard the Norwegian Epic cruiseship


Payments will be made to the University Service Center.  Payments must be made in person (cash or check) or by mailing a check directly to the address that will be supplied to you later.  Although we were hoping to accept credit card payments this will not be possible.  Bank processing fees would have added an extra $130 to evert person's cost, therefore we had to remove this option. 

Payment Plan
The Service Center will collect the $3150 base rate from everyone.  You will be given a set of payment coupons before the first payment is due.  The coupon has the traveler's name, account number, and other important inforation.  Payments sent to the Service Center MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by this coupon.  If you mail a payment without this coupon the Service Center will not know how to process it.

$800        August 1st
$800        September 1st
$800        October 1st
$750        November 1st

You may make multiple payments at once but the Service Center will not accept payments incomplete payments or payments in other amounts.

If your travel package is more than $3150 (double rate, guest rate, etc.) you will pay $3150 to the Service Center and the balance directly to the Music & Theatre Arts department office.  The balance is due no later than December 1, 2017.

Note:  The university requires every UWEC student to purchase a travel insurance plan through the Center for International Education.  The cost is minimal (around $26).  This insurance is not included in the $3150 .
Preliminary Travel Roster as of June 23, 2017
(229 potential travelers)
Please check for your name and advise us of any changes
Anderson, Logan    Alto Sax
Carlson, Emma    Alto Sax
Christiansen, Kayla    Alto Sax
Dax, Rachel    Alto Sax
Foley, Sheila    Alto Sax
Hall, Melanie    Alto Sax
Matek, Lex    Alto Sax
Olsen, Elena    Alto Sax
Palubicki, Macayla    Alto Sax
Peichel, Sarah    Alto Sax
Peterson, Austin    Alto Sax
Ryan, Sarah    Alto Sax
Stefonik, Karlie    Alto Sax
Stickney, Ben    Alto Sax
Tollison, Nicholas    Alto Sax
Ward, Nicole    Alto Sax
Bartels, Emily    Alumnus
Kevan, Justin    Alumnus
Lofy, David    Alumnus
Marris, Ted    Alumnus
Marten, Mitchell    Alumnus
Mienke, Kristina    Alumnus
Olson, Sam    Alumnus
Richolson, Trace    Alumnus
Spatenka, Trent    Alumnus
Webb, Elias    Alumnus
DuChene, Travis    Baritone
Everson, Nathan    Baritone
Konsela, Brad    Baritone
McClelland, William    Baritone
Orton, Brock    Baritone
Rauland, Anastasia    Baritone
Bartel, Kathryn    Clarinet
Beal, Michaela    Clarinet
Berner-Milner, Isaiah    Clarinet
Bloom, Kaitlin    Clarinet
Cox, Stephanie    Clarinet
Critelli, Mikala    Clarinet
Devick, Tristan    Clarinet
Dingeldein, Sara    Clarinet
Egge, Jennifer    Clarinet
Jain, Kassandra    Clarinet
Kaiser, Paige    Clarinet
Klinkner, Angela    Clarinet
Kuban, Charles    Clarinet
Kuechenmeister-Ramsey, Christian    Clarinet
Limberg, Ryan    Clarinet
Mayer, Brooke    Clarinet
Mitiku, Abbie    Clarinet
Radtke, Natasha    Clarinet
Rosa, Tessa    Clarinet
Stubbe, Synclare    Clarinet
Thornton, Max    Clarinet
Zimbauer, Loralei    Clarinet
Gebhard, Tessia    Colorguard
Nelson, Auna    Colorguard
Shunk, Jenna    Colorguard
Weinberger, Marinne    Colorguard
Daniels, Mallory    Dancer
Donovan, Kayla    Dancer
Hurst, Emilia    Dancer
Johnson, Ashley    Dancer
Kestner, Madeline    Dancer
Witak, Krista    Dancer
Acosta, Rita    Drum Line
Baron, Carleen    Drum Line
Becker, Elli    Drum Line
Demchuk, Conner    Drum Line
Dentinger, Jacob    Drum Line
Dwelle, Isabelle    Drum Line
Esterberg, Kory    Drum Line
Esterburg, Jake    Drum Line
Freeman, Cassaundra    Drum Line
Gease, Darin    Drum Line
Glodosky, Isabelle    Drum Line
Jacobson, Abby    Drum Line

Kalthoff, Evan    Drum Line
Laundrie, Braedon S.    Drum Line
Mason, Abby    Drum Line
Moyer, Jacob    Drum Line
Phalen, Patrick    Drum Line
Schmitz, Dave    Drum Line
Sletteland, Olivia    Drum Line
Swafford, Connor    Drum Line
Zirnhelt, Zachary    Drum Line
Edgington, Catherine    Drum Major
Acosta, Mark    Guest
Amundsen, Eric    Guest
Amundsen, Mariah (Micah)    Guest
Amundsen, Mary    Guest
Amundsen, Melissa    Guest
Anderson, Carl    Guest
Anderson, Debbie    Guest
Baron, Sam    Guest
Berner-Milner, Carlene    Guest
Busch, Maureen    Guest
Cooper, Amanda    Guest
Dax, Aubree    Guest
Dee, Dave    Guest
Dingeldein, Joe    Guest
Dugan, Andrew    Guest
Hainlen, Jean    Guest
Kovacic, Julie    Guest
Laundrie, Jenny    Guest
Laundrie, Tony    Guest
Laundrie, Trevan    Guest
Limberg Scott    Guest
Limberg, Erin    Guest
Limberg, Julie    Guest
Mason, Leslie    Guest
Mason, Richard    Guest
Masterson, Timothy    Guest
Masterson, Tracey    Guest
Merilatt, Paul    Guest
Meyer, Parent    Guest
Moseman, Heidi    Guest
Moseman, John    Guest
Nommensen, Krissy    Guest
Norgren, Alex    Guest
Post, Denise    Guest
Post, Doug    Guest
Scribner, Avery    Guest
Tutor, Shaun    Guest
Quade, Mary    Guest
Hainlen, Elizabeth    Mellophone
Larson, Vanessa    Mellophone
Moseman, Corey    Mellophone
Wendlandt, Jamison    Mellophone
Hallowell, Lauren    unknown
Berns, Lauren    Piccolo
Berreth, Ali    Piccolo
Broschard, Rebecca    Piccolo
Gavigan, Renee    Piccolo
Hetcher, Abby    Piccolo
Jarvi, Hannah    Piccolo
Kovacic, Georgia    Piccolo
Libera, Rachel    Piccolo
Line, Breanna    Piccolo
Logan, Ally    Piccolo
Lucas, Eleanor    Piccolo
Pakanich, Lauren    Piccolo
Paulich, Katie    Piccolo
Post, Alanna    Piccolo
Rhutasel, Katheryn    Piccolo
Sanders, Elizabeth    Piccolo
Stangel, Emily    Piccolo
Stukel-Mclean, Zoie    Piccolo
Sullivan, Erin    Piccolo
Sutton, Ashley    Piccolo
Wilson, Bailey    Piccolo
Zblewski, Susannah    Piccolo
Burr, Ryan    Sousaphone
Distad, Colby    Sousaphone
Erdman, Spencer    Sousaphone
Firminhac, Max    Sousaphone
Pankratz, Cole    Sousaphone
Sarosiek, Jacob    Sousaphone
Smith, Cody    Sousaphone
Zimmerman, Sam    Sousaphone
Dee, Guy    Staff
Dickerson, Randy    Staff
Gibson, Diedre    Staff
Stewart, John    Staff
Akey, Andrew    Tenor Sax
Amundsen, Jonah    Tenor Sax
Frisk, Liam    Tenor Sax
Gade, Amanda    Tenor Sax
Gathje, Brittany    Tenor Sax
Masterson, Ross    Tenor Sax
McMahon, Daniel    Tenor Sax
Ruthy, Stephen    Tenor Sax
Vasterling, Brieanna    Tenor Sax
Wiese, Kurtis    Tenor Sax
Zajac, Jonathan    Tenor Sax
Anderson, Cameron    Trombone
Anderson, Miranda    Trombone
Barrie, Ali    Trombone
Busch, Brianna    Trombone
Dougherty, Nathan    Trombone
Dufresne, Jeff    Trombone
Gamerl, Destiny    Trombone
Haas, Wyatt    Trombone
Hoff, Payton    Trombone
Ijzer, Erin    Trombone
Knapp, Matthew    Trombone
Mason, Alexander    Trombone
Maurer, Michael    Trombone
McBain, August    Trombone
Plum, Alex    Trombone
Reinighaus, Anika    Trombone
Strasser, Bailey    Trombone
Thompson, Andrew    Trombone
Trushenski, Kevin    Trombone
Wahl, Josiah    Trombone
West, Kyle    Trombone
Benoy, Jacob    Trumpet
Cook, Robert    Trumpet
Cvikota, Jacob    Trumpet
Frost, Jenna    Trumpet
Fuhrman, Jacob    Trumpet
Gaffron, Lauren    Trumpet
Gundrum, Alissa    Trumpet
Heidelberger, Emily    Trumpet
Hipke, Sarah    Trumpet
Hoffman, Leslie    Trumpet
Hutera, Megan    Trumpet
Huth, Brody    Trumpet
Jacobson, John    Trumpet
Jordan, Heather    Trumpet
Karow, Jon    Trumpet
Knapp, John    Trumpet
Kuhaupt, Lily    Trumpet
Lane, Katherine    Trumpet
Marcus, Kathleen    Trumpet
Meyer, Brooklyn    Trumpet
Onken, Emily    Trumpet
Pederson, Alex    Trumpet
Pederson, Ximona    Trumpet
Peterson, Caity    Trumpet
Pronschinske, Nathan    Trumpet
Redenius, Dawson    Trumpet
Ritchie, Sara    Trumpet
Schuelke, Jacob    Trumpet
Shelstad, Alexis    Trumpet
Sladek, Eleanor    Trumpet
St. Ores, Michael    Trumpet
Walczak, Brittany    Trumpet
Webb, Spencer    Trumpet
Yang, Matt    Trumpet