How To Join ...
Membership is open to students of any major and represents virtually every department on campus.  While music majors are still the largest single group in the BMB 65% of the band members are not music majors.  The current 350 members come from nine states.  

BMB fulfills your physical activity credit requirement and can be taken three times (1 credit, 3 times) to count as a humanities credit.  You may register for MUSI 183 at summer orientation or during the on-campus registration period.

The BMB holds a training camp prior to the beginning of the fall semester.  Attendance is required for all members.  Dorms open early for BMB members.  You may move directly into your permanent housing assignments and miss the rush of regular move-in day.  As the season approaches details will be posted on the "Member Info" page.

The number of applicants we can accept into the BMB  is limited by our current inventory of uniforms and equipment.  You may apply for membership by filling out the Online Application form.  The application window is  open from March 1 until July 1 or until all positions are filled.  Before sending your application you should check the Performance Calendar  to make sure you can commit to the entire season. 


If you are unsure about  joining the BMB  here are some things for you to consider ..........
The cost of BMB membership is relatively low.  University Housing charges $3 per night for early move-in (approximately four nights during camp.)  New members will need a BMB shirt and other supplies at a total cost of about $50.  We typically do an overnight trip to Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, etc at a total price of about $80.   Your second, third, and fourth years in BMB will be even less if your supplies are still usable. 


Most BMB members consider their experience to be one of the most enjoyable parts of their time in college. Being a member of the BMB is hard work but the rewards are worth the effort.   For an incoming freshman there is no better or quicker way to develop friends and find your home in the university community than to become a member of the marching band.  Each year the band quickly develops a large family atmosphere and fosters many long lasting friendships.

The marching season is intense but short.  If you worry that the time commitment will interfere with your study time you should know that the most demanding portion of the season is training week, which occurs before classes begin.  After camp the rehearsals become less intense and you will be completely finished with all marching band activities around the end of October.  If at any time during the season you become overwhelmed and feel that you are falling behind in a class you should talk to the director.  Academic classes always take priority and the director will work with you to accommodate your needs.
Dr. Randal C. Dickerson, Director
(715) 836-2312
The Music Department provides drums, sousaphones, baritones, mellophones, and piccolos at no charge.   The rehearsal schedule is as follows:  Tuesday through Friday from 4:15 - 5:30.  Guard and drum line members should be prepared for a limited number of extra rehearsals, arranged at times agreed upon by the members.  The rehearsal schedule ends at the close of the marching season. 



prospective members should contact: